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This week your Heroes are hangry because they keep bringing up food that they hate. They got Sidekick Mail, a “LET’S GET REAL, QUICK” Question… They’ll talk: Star Wars, Netflix, Marvel’s MCU, DC movies and spin-offs, movie news, rumors, EVEN snacks news!? Oh and we get in the corner w/ Dilly.

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This week your Heroes come to you from their first ever legit studio (finally moved out of the spare bedroom). This week they get into Comic Con @Home 2020. Not surprising, because of this crazy year Comic Con news is lacking but that doesn't stop the Heroes from getting steamed up. They legit talk TV, Movies, and Everything Geek Related.

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This week your Heroes are back in quarantine. California has shutdown again and the Heroes are trying to cope. But it's Comic Con season and your Heroes continue to look back and reminisce about better times. They have news, they have trash talk, and a special correspondence from the enchanted land of Fresno CA. Enjoy.

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This week your Heroes learn that Buddy is the favorite host?!?! Sound rigged. Cheese gets angry, Buddy inflates his own ego, and Dilly hangs in his corner. And a mystery sidekick mail intrigues the hosts.

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August 29, 2019

Episode #173 - D23

How can there be another Disney episode you ask? Well D23 happened and there is a ton of new stuff to talk about, so his week your heroes cover even more Disney news!!! Star Wars, Marvel, Disney+, its all here and more! 

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This week we have the amazing, the talented, the over-prepared Sidekick With No Nickname, James N. James helps us conquer the insanely big heap of news coming out of San Diego Comic Con (you'll be thankful he was so prepared), we try and hit it all but its mainly all about Marvel. Shmee and Dilly also talk about Powerhouse Comic Con, our HH correspondent of course checks in, and we hear some sidekick mail. 

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