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This week your Heroes give Cheese a hard time about turning 40 and a whole new persona is born....BABS! They talk Snyder, get in another Apple fight and of course, while they still have him, Dilly's Gaming Corner.

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March 11, 2021

Hardly Heroes Classics #1

In the very first HH Classics, we return to a simpler time over a hundred episodes ago. Episode #109 - Scruff McGruff and Vanilla Ice Broke My Arm! We get to hear from Groot and Sprinkles. They get an email from a Sidekick named Frank, the name Triple HQ name was born, Buddy admits to liking Dane Cook, and your Heroes share why they love to do the show.

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February 18, 2021

Episode #250 - KitanaVision

This week your Heroes are #blessed when Kitana came rolling through to discuss WandaVision. They have a terrible Top 5, and then Mama Groot writes in with a yummy new Hardly Heroes business idea.

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This week your Heroes social distance in the studio and get into some conspiracy theories, Golden Girls, and some Sidekick Mayo. Enjoy!

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Its still 2020 with another shutdown looming in the distance, your Heroes gather what strength they have to talk more Mando, HBO Max, some conspiracies, and Dilly is still empty handed with no prospects in sight. Stay safe and keep a distance. Enjoy!

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November 24, 2020

Episode #238 - GreenBeanBrosia

This week your Heroes are giving thanks to all of the terrible Thanksgiving sides, in a new Top 5. They also talk Lower Decks, give Cheese more trouble, and they hear from Kitana finally. Happy Holidays to all Sidekicks and stay safe out there!

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This week your Heroes talk Mando and the ridiculous allegations against The Child. Things also get heated during a new segment, Over/Under Rated, where Buddy disowns Cheese. Buddy Picks a Card, Dilly be up in his corner, and Cheese slowly becomes the villain of the show. Enjoy!

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This week your Heroes review Borat 2, and the guys start quoting it too much. They get news from Phil B, tell spooky stories from around Sacramento, and get some sidekick mail from everyone but Kitana.

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This week we find the Heroes in turmoil with a war brewing within the sidekicks forcing the Heroes to take sides. Download the Hardly Heroes Premium content on Podbean to get the full scoop. But they still have news, Sidekick Mayo, and of course arguing. Enjoy!

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October 1, 2020

Episode #230 - Tooth Hurty

This week we find the Heroes steamed up about a disturbing, yet fascinating documentary about a deadly water park. We will learn Buddy has never seen Borat, Dilly sells candy in a video game, and Cheese gets another love letter. Also tune in for big news about Disney, Mavel, and DC.

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