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This week your Heroes are hangry because they keep bringing up food that they hate. They got Sidekick Mail, a “LET’S GET REAL, QUICK” Question… They’ll talk: Star Wars, Netflix, Marvel’s MCU, DC movies and spin-offs, movie news, rumors, EVEN snacks news!? Oh and we get in the corner w/ Dilly.

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Aaron is home with Protector of Man, so we had to find a sub . . . and Manny comes to the rescue in the Triple-HQ! We nearly fill up 90 minutes catching up, reading Side-Kick Mail, calling and hanging up on Aaron and talking about all of the properties Disney now owns that the Fox merger is official. Us Californians also learn about the since cancelled ExtraTERRORestrial ride at Walt Disney World.

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This Week the Heroes welcome The Sidekick With No Nickname and Bird into the studio to talk non-stop (for two hours) about nothing but Disney. This double stuffed episode has two Top 5's, and an insane amount of Sidekick Mail (shout-out to the Sidekicks). Its a long ride, but don't forget to wait around for the post credit scene, its a deep cut secret track.

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