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September 10, 2020

Episode #227 - HH Love Triangle

This week your Heroes get A LOT of sidekick mail, they love it so keep it coming. They review The Boys, Bill and Ted's, and Mulan. News covers Dune, Battinson, and XBOX Series X. Things get a little crazy with a letter from Norway. Strap in and enjoy. 

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This week your heroes are still talking about Star Wars, so of course Cheese starts a fight. The Hardly Heroes Fan Experience is SOLD OUT, so thank you to all of the Sidekicks for making that happen.

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This week your heroes welcome Phil Burgundy for the ultimate Sidekick take-over show. They talk Maui-Ween, and start breaking down the Star Wars movies starting with Episode I & II. They will be out and about in the community, so come show your support.

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Gianted size again this week! Current events in Geekdom, Return of The Top 5 with our favorite Super Heroes from "Then" and "Now" and we wrap it up with another epic round of Buddy V Sprinkles! 

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Cons, cons, cons. Hardly Heroes loves Cons! This week your Heroes are fresh off California Republic Comic Con, and then they are gearing up for Wizard World Comic Con this weekend. And if you have ever had the dream of being in the Triple HQ and hearing the Hardly Heroes live then come out to Wizard World on Saturday for the very first ever LIVE PODCAST. It's going to be mental! #MichaelScott

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This week your heroes are up to their usual antics. Buddy and Shmee argue (what else is new), Phil brings the news, and Dilly does a great job reading things. You'll learn if Buddy liked IT, you'll hope Dilly runs the 5K, you'll ask why does Shmee hate sparkly vampires, and you'll be left wondering DID IT HIT?

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