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April 22, 2021

Episode #257 - GOAT

This week your Heroes invite GOAT into the studio, and that's all that needs to be said. Enjoy. (Norway we love you!)

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April 16, 2021

Hardly Heroes Classics #2

This week we go back to Episode #167 - Guess Who's Back...Back Again... We go back to 2019 when The Mad King was in Texas and we had the beautiful Dream Boat GOAT on to fill the void. As always when GOAT is on, it's a long one. Enjoy!

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Your Heroes are in studio on a Friday night with Chris Velazquez from Violette Films. They talk Snyder Cut (of course), hear about new Violette Films projects, and then Buddy drops some big ass news! 

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This week your Heroes are back together and back in studio. We are all happy to have Dilly back so its a jammed packed episode with a banger Top 5 and Dilly's gaming corner. Enjoy!

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This week your Heroes are incomplete, but Cheese is happy to welcome her Gurr, Kitana. While the Mad King is on some kind of King retreat, they double the woman power and Kitana fills in for a Wonder Woman review and a 2020 look-back. Enjoy!

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This week your Heroes talk Mando and the ridiculous allegations against The Child. Things also get heated during a new segment, Over/Under Rated, where Buddy disowns Cheese. Buddy Picks a Card, Dilly be up in his corner, and Cheese slowly becomes the villain of the show. Enjoy!

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This week your Heroes fight over the worst Halloween candy with their latest Top 5. Things honestly get hostile, so please weigh in with your opinion. They get steamed up about Hubie Halloween, Phil is in with the news, and remember to get signed up for the HH Premium channel. Also don't forget to check out Sector7 Salon on all of your socials.

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This week we find the Heroes in turmoil with a war brewing within the sidekicks forcing the Heroes to take sides. Download the Hardly Heroes Premium content on Podbean to get the full scoop. But they still have news, Sidekick Mayo, and of course arguing. Enjoy!

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September 10, 2020

Episode #227 - HH Love Triangle

This week your Heroes get A LOT of sidekick mail, they love it so keep it coming. They review The Boys, Bill and Ted's, and Mulan. News covers Dune, Battinson, and XBOX Series X. Things get a little crazy with a letter from Norway. Strap in and enjoy. 

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This week your Heroes mourn the passing of the great Chadwick Boseman, along with the rest of the world. They also get hear from GOAT, get some mail, cover some news, and try to get out early so they can start watching The Boys early.

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