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March 11, 2021

Hardly Heroes Classics #1

In the very first HH Classics, we return to a simpler time over a hundred episodes ago. Episode #109 - Scruff McGruff and Vanilla Ice Broke My Arm! We get to hear from Groot and Sprinkles. They get an email from a Sidekick named Frank, the name Triple HQ name was born, Buddy admits to liking Dane Cook, and your Heroes share why they love to do the show.

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June 18, 2020

Episode #215 - Ampersand

This week your Heroes do it old school with an audio show only, sorry to our Sidekicks who love the live show. But this is the Summer show, chock-full of Top 5's, Netflix watch parties, and news (sans Phil B, sad face). You're in store for Cheese mispronunciation, Buddy's whining, and Dilly's sweet sweet voice. Listen hard and listen good.

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This week your Heroes welcome Albie, host from Theme Park Pulse Podcast. He is a legit Star Wars nerd. He makes his own Storm-trooper armor, and is a member of the 501st. Hope you aren't sick of Star Wars talk, because it's back with a vengeance. 

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This week your heroes have a power outage in the middle of the show. They try and get it back on track but Buddy looses his steam. They continue their look-back of the Star Wars saga, get some sad news about Chuck E. Cheese, and read some long a*$ emails. 

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This week we have the amazing, the talented, the over-prepared Sidekick With No Nickname, James N. James helps us conquer the insanely big heap of news coming out of San Diego Comic Con (you'll be thankful he was so prepared), we try and hit it all but its mainly all about Marvel. Shmee and Dilly also talk about Powerhouse Comic Con, our HH correspondent of course checks in, and we hear some sidekick mail. 

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GOAT is back, and you'll have to strap in because it's a long one! It's always a long and winding road when GOAT is in the Triple HQ. This week your Heroes mildly SPOIL Stranger Things, so if you haven't watched it yet (like lame-o Cheese), then you better get to bingeing! They talk new movies and TV shows, they hear from their famed correspondent, and dive into a ton of Sidekick mail. Hopefully you have a long Friday commute. Enjoy!

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