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Your Heroes finally get someone good on their live stream.....CardiB, aka Mad Cardigan, aka Bird Is The Word! Thanks to Bird the show still went off the rails. This episode has it all, trivia, news, Dilly's Gaming Corner, Sidekick mail, and Buddy's "beard". Go to Hardly Heroes on YouTube to see the video.

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This week your heroes talk more Joker because Dilly finally saw it. They cover some MCU news, fight about who watched Norsemen, they all get really upset about Dolittle, and Cheese and Dilly deconstruct Between Two Ferns: The Movie.

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We welcome Hector the Collector back to the show again today to get his take on Venom, current affairs and all the reasons he is pumpe up for Campbell Con. 

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This Week the Heroes welcome The Sidekick With No Nickname and Bird into the studio to talk non-stop (for two hours) about nothing but Disney. This double stuffed episode has two Top 5's, and an insane amount of Sidekick Mail (shout-out to the Sidekicks). Its a long ride, but don't forget to wait around for the post credit scene, its a deep cut secret track.

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