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This week your Heroes (*SPOILER ALERT*) talk The Boys. If you haven't finished it yet, then get to it, because they talk all of the gory details. They also cover Fav Horror Streams, News, and of course Sidekick Mayo!

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This week your Heroes are back in quarantine. California has shutdown again and the Heroes are trying to cope. But it's Comic Con season and your Heroes continue to look back and reminisce about better times. They have news, they have trash talk, and a special correspondence from the enchanted land of Fresno CA. Enjoy.

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This week your Heroes welcome Albie, host from Theme Park Pulse Podcast. He is a legit Star Wars nerd. He makes his own Storm-trooper armor, and is a member of the 501st. Hope you aren't sick of Star Wars talk, because it's back with a vengeance. 

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This week your heroes are still talking Star Wars and they welcome friend of the show Crayton into the studio. They talk Rebels, Solo, and Rough One, but still seem to argue about all the other episodes as well.

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August 29, 2019

Episode #173 - D23

How can there be another Disney episode you ask? Well D23 happened and there is a ton of new stuff to talk about, so his week your heroes cover even more Disney news!!! Star Wars, Marvel, Disney+, its all here and more! 

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This week the Heroes invite an old friend back into the studio, Mr. Manny Blanny himself. He talks about the show he left the Hardly Heroes for, his new podcast InPodticular. They cover what's new in the nerd world, Phil Burgundy reads the news, Buddy and Manny fight, and then they have a very heated Top 5 about their favorite cereals. 

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