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April 16, 2021

Hardly Heroes Classics #2

This week we go back to Episode #167 - Guess Who's Back...Back Again... We go back to 2019 when The Mad King was in Texas and we had the beautiful Dream Boat GOAT on to fill the void. As always when GOAT is on, it's a long one. Enjoy!

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This week your Heroes social distance in the studio and get into some conspiracy theories, Golden Girls, and some Sidekick Mayo. Enjoy!

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November 24, 2020

Episode #238 - GreenBeanBrosia

This week your Heroes are giving thanks to all of the terrible Thanksgiving sides, in a new Top 5. They also talk Lower Decks, give Cheese more trouble, and they hear from Kitana finally. Happy Holidays to all Sidekicks and stay safe out there!

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This week you will find your Heroes having too much fun talking Mando, recasting Ace Ventura, and rocking out to some sweet tuneage. They also have Dilly's Gaming Corner and Sidekick Mayo!! 

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This week your Heroes are hangry because they keep bringing up food that they hate. They got Sidekick Mail, a “LET’S GET REAL, QUICK” Question… They’ll talk: Star Wars, Netflix, Marvel’s MCU, DC movies and spin-offs, movie news, rumors, EVEN snacks news!? Oh and we get in the corner w/ Dilly.

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This week your Heroes have an extra special new segment...Date That Cheese. Six contestants are competing to win a date with Cheese. You will have to tune in next week to hear who she picks. 

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This week your Heroes come to you from their first ever legit studio (finally moved out of the spare bedroom). This week they get into Comic Con @Home 2020. Not surprising, because of this crazy year Comic Con news is lacking but that doesn't stop the Heroes from getting steamed up. They legit talk TV, Movies, and Everything Geek Related.

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June 18, 2020

Episode #215 - Ampersand

This week your Heroes do it old school with an audio show only, sorry to our Sidekicks who love the live show. But this is the Summer show, chock-full of Top 5's, Netflix watch parties, and news (sans Phil B, sad face). You're in store for Cheese mispronunciation, Buddy's whining, and Dilly's sweet sweet voice. Listen hard and listen good.

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This week your Heroes are surprised by a special guest, Jeff Lowe-ry. They get into some big news about Mando, Tom Cruise, and new shows by The Office creators. Quarantine is still biting their butt, but one day they will be back in the same stinky room together, god willing!

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This episode finds your Heroes doing pretty well considering the Stay At Home is still in order. Buddy is actually insanely steamed up which is great to hear. Cheese annoys and Dilly entertains. Enjoy!

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