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This week your Heroes are back in quarantine. California has shutdown again and the Heroes are trying to cope. But it's Comic Con season and your Heroes continue to look back and reminisce about better times. They have news, they have trash talk, and a special correspondence from the enchanted land of Fresno CA. Enjoy.

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This week your Heroes welcome esteemed guest, Darren from Project Wish Upon A Star. Darren is a friend of the show, supporter of all things nerdy, and a true testament that there is pure good in the world. Dilly not only gets in his corner but also solidifies his position as Podcast Diva..... Cheese is boxy, and Buddy is patchy. They still somehow haven't figured out how to do a good live stream. Enjoy!

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Join the Hardly Heroes this week for the much anticipated return of Top 5 to the tune of our favorite comedy villains! There's also some Game of Thrones talk, but not because we're happy about it. Shmee blesses Dyllrd with his official Nerd Name & stick till the end for the first Nerd-Up/Bro-Down Challenge!

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This week on Hardly Heroes come join us to hear about all the fun we had at Meadowlark Comic Con in Oregon, The G.O.T., HBO's Watchmen trailer, Apple TV+, Sidekick mail and a deeper dive into Nerd Up/Bro Down.

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