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This week is a jam-packed episode. Your Heroes do a flashback to Episode#7, the infancy of HH, before Dill and Cheese, when there was no theme song but a whole lot of Sprinkles. Strap in for a super hero theme Top 5, nerd news, and Sidekick mail. It's a long one but a good one.

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This week it is derail madness!!! An unexpected guest crashes the show somehow, we talk space force, how to make V for Vendetta better, and an all out fight breaks out about Keanu Reeves Vs Nic Cage!!! Will Buddy get control of the Megazord? Will Shmee ever stop Cheesing people? Will Dilly get his guitar back? Find Out Next Week on another exciting episode of Hardly Heroes!!!

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This week your heroes have a power outage in the middle of the show. They try and get it back on track but Buddy looses his steam. They continue their look-back of the Star Wars saga, get some sad news about Chuck E. Cheese, and read some long a*$ emails. 

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Catching up on current events in Geekdom is never a bore with the Hardly Heroes! We discuss Amazon's upcoming Lord of the Rings projects, Jeremy Renner's epic fail shooting Tag, and finish up by checking back in with each other on why we love producing this podcast.

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