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A podcast dedicated to movies, t.v. and everything GEEK related!


This week your Heroes come to you from their first ever legit studio (finally moved out of the spare bedroom). This week they get into Comic Con @Home 2020. Not surprising, because of this crazy year Comic Con news is lacking but that doesn't stop the Heroes from getting steamed up. They legit talk TV, Movies, and Everything Geek Related.

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Your Heroes are pushing on, finding new ways to connect with the nerdy world, but like everyone else, they are wondering.....Is This Over Yet?? Quarantine has affect everyone differently....Buddy and Dilly have found even more ways to exclude Cheese, Phil B continues to drink Bourbon, and Cheese is just sewing her worries away.

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This week your Heroes talk Sac Anime, Toy Con, and cover some pretty juicy news. Mammy is upset that Buddy threw her under the bus, so she writes in and gives him a piece of her mind. 

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This week two of your Heroes went out and saw Joker, and one Hero "tried", so they give you a SPOILER FREE review anyway. You'll also hear from Phil Burgundy and surprise surprise, ParmAlarm sends in a long email. 

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This week your Heroes make fun of the way Cheese pronounces words. They also want you to checkout Podbean and their new MERCH store. They cover news and generally mess up all of the content that was given to them. Go to hardlyheroes.com and start repping the Heroes!

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September 27, 2019

Episode #177 - Con Artists

As we near the end of Con Season, your Heroes talk all about their experience at Wizard World Sacramento. They release big news about their premium content on Podbean...FINALLY! You'll of course hear from the famed correspondent Phil Burgundy, as well as some some Sidekick mail. 

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September 26, 2019

Episode #141 - Trailers at Don

We get through a bunch of recent trailers including Spiderman: Far From Home, Ghostbusters 3 (please stand by for Emilio Esteves tangent) and John Wick 3. Don Dilly joins us in the studio! Lots of Sidekick mail about our recent episodes and other great things out in Geekdom keep us going.

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Episode #112 finds Buddy still steaming from his Buddy V Sprinkles loss last week, an update on Geeky current events, a spoiler free review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and a brand new segment . . . Sprinkle Me Some Conspiracy.

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This week your heroes are up to their usual antics. Buddy and Shmee argue (what else is new), Phil brings the news, and Dilly does a great job reading things. You'll learn if Buddy liked IT, you'll hope Dilly runs the 5K, you'll ask why does Shmee hate sparkly vampires, and you'll be left wondering DID IT HIT?

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