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This week your Heroes are on better behavior (Cheese took her medication). They talk WandaVision, DC vs Marvel, and they recast Back to the Future. Enjoy!

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This week your Heroes have a special guest and even though Bird is in studio, its not her. Get pumped and mark your calendars because in two episode they are hitting a milestone, 200th episode!

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September 26, 2019

Episode #141 - Trailers at Don

We get through a bunch of recent trailers including Spiderman: Far From Home, Ghostbusters 3 (please stand by for Emilio Esteves tangent) and John Wick 3. Don Dilly joins us in the studio! Lots of Sidekick mail about our recent episodes and other great things out in Geekdom keep us going.

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Buddy retuns from his Bachelor Party to find that there's lots in the news today from Guardians to Goblets (of Fire) as we near Harry Potter's 20th in the States. The Joker movie, a feel good Luke Skywalker story, Side-Kick mail, Norway#1 and our impressions of the new Geek Fuel EXP format now that our second box has arrived. Wizard World is coming up in Sacramento, see you there!

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This week the Heroes invite an old friend back into the studio, Mr. Manny Blanny himself. He talks about the show he left the Hardly Heroes for, his new podcast InPodticular. They cover what's new in the nerd world, Phil Burgundy reads the news, Buddy and Manny fight, and then they have a very heated Top 5 about their favorite cereals. 

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