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A podcast dedicated to movies, t.v. and everything GEEK related!


Well...your Heroes did it, they recorded their 200th episode. Even though there were some impostors involved, they got the show going and reminisce about past episodes, experiences and friends. The Hardly Heroes want to thank every single Sidekick for downloading and listening every week, much love.

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This week your heroes let Mad Cardigan into the studio and they may live to regret it. They talk Return of the Jedi and get into some nerdy news. They are getting ready for the Hardly Heroes Fan Experience... see you there

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GOAT is back, and you'll have to strap in because it's a long one! It's always a long and winding road when GOAT is in the Triple HQ. This week your Heroes mildly SPOIL Stranger Things, so if you haven't watched it yet (like lame-o Cheese), then you better get to bingeing! They talk new movies and TV shows, they hear from their famed correspondent, and dive into a ton of Sidekick mail. Hopefully you have a long Friday commute. Enjoy!

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