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This week your Heroes are on better behavior (Cheese took her medication). They talk WandaVision, DC vs Marvel, and they recast Back to the Future. Enjoy!

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This week we find the Heroes in turmoil with a war brewing within the sidekicks forcing the Heroes to take sides. Download the Hardly Heroes Premium content on Podbean to get the full scoop. But they still have news, Sidekick Mayo, and of course arguing. Enjoy!

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This week we find the Heroes forever messing up the planned outline. But they do manage to cover some big news, hangout in Dill's corner and they have an awesome special family guest. Also new segment alert, All Streamed up, where your Heroes discuss new streaming shows... Cheese gets it wrong as always, Buddy can't even, Dilly drinks Pledge, and Kaleb is a man of few words. Enjoy.

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This week your heroes welcome friend of the show Curtis Corona (look him up on IMDB) into the studio. They look back on 2019 and reflect on a year well done. They get down on some Top 5's, cover some news, and hear from the Norwegians. 

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September 27, 2019

Episode #177 - Con Artists

As we near the end of Con Season, your Heroes talk all about their experience at Wizard World Sacramento. They release big news about their premium content on Podbean...FINALLY! You'll of course hear from the famed correspondent Phil Burgundy, as well as some some Sidekick mail. 

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Gianted size again this week! Current events in Geekdom, Return of The Top 5 with our favorite Super Heroes from "Then" and "Now" and we wrap it up with another epic round of Buddy V Sprinkles! 

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This week your Heroes welcome back The King, the 1st mic, the the self proclaimed best host of all time, Buddy. We hear about his trip, and his so called "grips" about the Buddy-Free shows. They talk about Amazon's new show The Boys (spoils free), hear from Correspondent Phil, and they read an unnecessarily long email from The Sidekick With No Nickname. Shout-Out to long shows and don't forget about the bloopers.

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