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This week your Heroes talk Mando and the ridiculous allegations against The Child. Things also get heated during a new segment, Over/Under Rated, where Buddy disowns Cheese. Buddy Picks a Card, Dilly be up in his corner, and Cheese slowly becomes the villain of the show. Enjoy!

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This week your Heroes welcome esteemed guest, Darren from Project Wish Upon A Star. Darren is a friend of the show, supporter of all things nerdy, and a true testament that there is pure good in the world. Dilly not only gets in his corner but also solidifies his position as Podcast Diva..... Cheese is boxy, and Buddy is patchy. They still somehow haven't figured out how to do a good live stream. Enjoy!

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This week your Heroes talk Sac Anime, Toy Con, and cover some pretty juicy news. Mammy is upset that Buddy threw her under the bus, so she writes in and gives him a piece of her mind. 

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September 26, 2019

Episode #138 - Bye Bye 2018

Once we find our way off the tangent train, Hector the Collector (HtC) takes us though the latest in news (lots of remakes ahead!) before we get into some Sidekick mail and wrap up with a fun conversation about all the fun Hardly Heroes had with you all in 2018.

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Buddy, Goat and Sidekick mail gives us their Spoiler Free first look review of Creed 2. Hector the Collector lets us know how to wrap up our holiday shopping quick with info on all the good deals this Black Friday. Special Guest in the Triple-HQ has the boys all flustered.

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Brandon, aka GOAT the Sneak Geek, subs in for Aaron today while he is off fighting Stanley Poo-Brick. We read some Side-Kick (listener) mail and hit on some Geeky news that sparks conversation sure to enrage many Star Wars "fans" before wrapping up with our Spoiler Free first look review of Ant Man and the Wasp. 

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August 29, 2019

Episode #173 - D23

How can there be another Disney episode you ask? Well D23 happened and there is a ton of new stuff to talk about, so his week your heroes cover even more Disney news!!! Star Wars, Marvel, Disney+, its all here and more! 

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August 22, 2019

Episode #172 - ParmAlarm

This week your heroes welcome back the one, the only ParmAlarm James Navarro. They give you an inside look at their experience at Silicon Valley Comic Con and the amazing organization Project Wish Upon A Star. Buddy and Shmee get heated about the Disney/Sony Spider-man news, and they also sing way too much for anybody's comfort.

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This evening the boys talk about the amazing time that was the Hardly Heroes Fan Experience: Endgame! We decided to keep it Spoiler FREE for you this week, just in case. Next week, we'll go in depth. Also on the docket: Endgame Box Office Stats, Free Comic Book Day at Empire's Comics this weekend, Game of Thrones and more upcoming movies.

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